Injection Molding Supplier in Malaysia

Pro-Fine Plastics specialises in the critical production phase of plastic injection molding with pin-point precision and efficiency. This crucial process where molten plastic is shaped under controlled pressure, temperature and injection speed, defines the quality and consistency of the final product.

Leveraging our expertise and advanced technology, precision control of critical variables ensures flawless replication of product design in every component. This minimises rejects, maximises production runs, and ultimately, optimising your business bottom line.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond injection molding. We offer a full suite of post-processing and finishing services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s trimming away excess material for a clean finish or product assembly, our complete solution streamlines your workflow and delivers finished products ready for immediate deployment.

Our trustworthy plastic injection molding machines includes:

No. Maker Type of Machine Quantity
1 Kawaguchi KM100B3 2
2 Kawaguchi KM140B2 2
3 Kawaguchi KX140 2
4 Kawaguchi KM280B3 1
5 Kawaguchi KM80C2 1
6 Kawaguchi KM100B2 2
7 Sumitomo SE50DU 1
8 Kawaguchi KZ220B 1
9 Sumitomo EV130 1
10 Top Star TM130 1
11 WellTech F2V90 1
12 Kawaguchi KM360B 1
13 Kawaguchi KM220B2 1
14 Kawaguchi K125C 1
15 Kawaguchi KM50B2 1
16 Kawaguchi KM180B 1
17 Kawaguchi KM160A5SH 1
18 Top Star TM330 1
19 Top Star TM400 1
20 Top Star TS470 1
21 Multitech V85-M 1