Secondary Process


Spray PaintingPad PrintingHot StampHeat Staking/ Insertion
Highlights and Outstanding Features

Modern Fresh Air Supply System
3 Stage Filtration System

  • Pre Filter
  • Filter Bag
  • Final Filter

Precision Spray Gun and Diaphragm Pump

  • Buffer tank to support 8 automatic spray guns
  • Fully imported from Italy
  • Regulated by paint pressure regulator
  • Paint is regulated by Graco diaphragm pump
  • Regulated by fluid air pressure regulator
  • Stable paint output

Unique Ionizing System & Air Nozzle

  • Remove Static
  • Remove Dust
Spray Paint QC Standard Operating Procedure
  • In process inspection/testing
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Sampling check by line leader
Pad Printing

Pad printing refers to the process of printing a 2D artwork on a 3D item with the aid of a tampography machine. This offers great versatility as a malleable pad is used to dispense the ink, allowing it to be printed on any given surface.

Pro-Fine Plastics is armed with advanced machines that run at considerably high speed without sacrificing the fine details of an artwork. Being particularly useful on substrates of uneven surfaces, it is also a much sought after service to compliment our plastic injection products of flat surfaces.

Hot Stamp

Hot stamping involves lowering a heated die that pressed an ink or foil towards the targeted surface. It is compatible with several types of surfaces such as paper, plastic, wood, metal, and the like. There is no liquid chemical involved throughout the process, making it a dry process which is relatively more environmental-friendly.

Currently equipped with two hot stamping machines, Pro-fine Plastics promises quality and timely hot stamping service at competitive price that never disappoints.

Heat Staking/ Insertion

Heat staking or insertion is a process to join two or more parts together where at least one of the parts is made of plastic. The process heats and deforms the stud to create a head that is larger than the hole it is housed before it is brought to cool under pressure.

Pro-fine Plastics offers heat staking or insertion process that follows after the manufacturing of products by means of injection molding. Without the need of screws and rivets, heat staking efficiently secures all the parts in place, further strengthens the overall structure of an object.

Secondary Process Equipment
No. Maker Type of Machine Unit
1 LC Pad Printing Machine (1 Colour) 2
2 LC Pad Printing Machine (3 Colour) 2
3 LC Pad Printing Machine (2 Colour) 4
4 Spindle Spray Machine 1
5 Nitoku Pin Insertion Machine 4
6 Hot Stamping 2
7 Heat Staking 2
8 Protec Forced Air Convention Oven 1