Quality Control


QC Process
  • Step 1 : Incoming inspection of materials
  • Step 2 : Post trial production confirmation from QC (for sample verification) to production green light
  • Step 3 : Hourly in-process inspection
  • Step 4 : QC supervisor 100% visual inspection
  • Step 5 : Spot outgoing inspection

Precision QC Equipments
No.MakerType of MachineNo. of Units
1OGPQVI Sprint MVP Scope Machine1
2WerthWerth CMM1
3DeltronicProfile Projector1
4MitutoyoDigital Caliber5
5MitutoyoPush Pull Gauge1
6MitutoyoHeight Gauge1
8AikohPush Pull Gauge1
9Konica MinoltaColour Reader1
10ElcometerPencil Hardness Kit1
11ElcometerAdhesion Tester Kit1
12ElcometerSpray Paint Thickness Gauge1
13Pin Gauges4

Calibration of all inspection tools and equipment are carried out on a timely schedule, based on manufacturers’ recommendations.

Highlight of Precision QC Equipment

The Qvi Sprint MVP : Fully Automatic Bench Top Dimensional Measurement System

Features and Specifications:

  • Most advanced in current market
  • Precision XYZ stages
  • Motorised joystick control
  • 0.5 micron scales on X, Y & Z axis
  • High resolution zoom optics
  • Colour metrology cameras
  • LED back light and coaxial surface light
  • High intensity LED ring light
  • Advanced image processing
  • Automatic 3-axis measurements